Wedoo Announces Sponsorship to Blockchain Lab

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Wedoo Announces Sponsorship to Blockchain Lab

On November 9th Wedoo and Blockchain Lab announced a partnership during an event in UCLA with Lou Kerner.

As part of our DNA, we are willing to empower people through new technologies, and blockchain is of certain a democratic way to validate and confirm information. We believe that by supporting the development of new models, we can achieve our goals.

The Blockchain Lab is a team of blockchain advocates across Los Angeles. Their mission is to increase awareness, advance progress and foster the development of blockchain technologies that incentivize:

  • Nonprofits and Initiatives to Create Social Good.
  • Developers, Engineers, and Designers to Collaborate and Build.
  • Companies and Enterprises to Deploy Blockchain Technologies.
  • Experts, Engineers and Thought Leaders to Share Knowledge.
  • Educators, Universities, and Students to Participate.
  • Local Governments to Reshape Public Policy.


Blockchain Lab’s first project is now in development and is The Ocean Conservation Coin.  A cryptocurrency app token designed with a new model that will incentivize its owners to reduce pollutants in our oceans using crypto-economics.


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